Daily Dose of Disney #24 ~~ Soarin' Over California (In California)

Eventually I will run out of pictures for Disney World (though probably not anytime soon) but I figured I would throw in the occasional Disneyland group from time to time to shake things up a little.

Personally I love Soarin' and could ride it over and over again.
I'm a big fan of the smells!
And when ever they fly over the golf course I get a secret thrill knowing they filmed that only a few miles from where we live.

But I digress!

Out here the ride has a building all to itself in California Adventure and you enter directly from the park.

Inside there is a long hallway, much like the one in Florida.
They have lots of memorabilia and photos to look at:

Outside there is a giant engine model:

Then there are themed buildings in the area:

And you can eat in the Taste Pilots Grill:


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