Daily Dose of Disney #10 ~~ Chinatown, DHS Backlot

 I simply love wandering around the backlot at Disney Hollywood Studios.
 ARGH, so hard not to call it MGM.

Here are a few shots of Chinatown.

Daily Dose of Disney #9 ~~ Views from the Liberty Belle

The summer I took these pictures, it was hotter than the surface of the sun so taking a nice cool ride around the river was just what we needed!

The haunted mansion hiding behind the trees:

Top of the castle as the clouds gather ahead for an afternoon rain shower:

Oh, and live Long and Prosper!

Daily Dose of Disney #7 ~~ Downtown Disney

Here comes the bus!

Obviously the little kids favorite store:

The guy is enacting how my life feels right now...


Always need to take some time out for good music:

Daily Dose of Disney #6 ~~ Jungle Cruise Signs

Do you ever stop to read the signs on the Jungle Cruise?
They are very funny!
This one is hanging above the line before you get on:

And this one is hanging at the exit:

Daily Dose of Disney #5 ~~ TVs at the 50's Diner

I never noticed how many different TVs there were in the waiting area of the 50's Diner until I started taking pictures.

Daily Dose of Disney #4 ~~ Shopping in Japan

There is nothing I love better at EPCOT then shopping in Japan.
What a wonderful selection of yummy food and great gifts!!

Daily Dose of Disney #3 ~~ It's tough to be a bug

I really enjoy this ride, it always makes me giggle.
Jeffrey on the other hand would just as soon skip it because he doesn't like the way the chairs come alive.

Daily Dose of Disney #2 ~~ The Maharajah Jungle Trek:

These photos are from our August 2008 trip.
It was so hot but the exploration trail in the Animal Kingdom was wonderfully cool.
Jeffrey and Katherine loved all the great things to look at.

Daily Dose of Disney #1 ~~ Firsts

These pix are from our very first trip to the World in 2001. It was me and Jeff and the 5 kids.

I had no idea what to expect. I had grown up on Disneyland so as far as I knew Disney World was just a different version of the same thing.

We booked the trip in the last week of July and only stayed for 4 days.

We barely scratched the surface of what there was to see and I couldn't wait to go back and see everything we missed. (Which was most stuff).

It was a trip of firsts and here are 3 pictures documenting some of them:

Our first visit to EPCOT. Chris (I'm not sure if hes not having a good time or just trying to look cool), Emily and Sarah in the back row and Alex in the front.

Alex having his very first Kaki-gori (Japanese shaved ice). This is one of our all time favorite snacks!

And our very first time at the Sci-fi Dine-in... one of our favorite restaurants.
It was just me, Jeff, Alex and Jeffrey.
The older kids had better things to do then go to a sit down restaurant.
They discovered on the next trip what they missed.

Welcome to The Daily Dose of Disney

Here at the old homestead we are die-hard Disney fans.
Since 2001 we have taken a trip to Disney every year.
Sometimes twice.
It was my guilty pleasure even when money had started to get tight, I found ways to send us all to Florida. It was the most wonderful way to spend time with the family and just forget about the outside world and relax.
We've had some bumps in the road over the past few years and haven't been able to budget money for a trip. We are hoping soon things will turn around and we will be able to start planning our return to the World.
In the mean time I wanted a place to put some pictures and memories of the good times we've had in anticipation of the good times yet to come! 
Wanna come along for the ride?